Avocet Properties is a residential property manager who understands that full-service management must be provided through thoughtful, hands-on service. We recognize that an apartment, town home, co-op, or condominium is someone's home and we conscientiously maintain it as if it were our own.

Importantly, we also view real estate as an investment that has to be properly maintained to maximize its value. We bring our extensive real estate expertise to work hand-in-hand with apartment owners, condominium board members, and co-op shareholders to create a comfortable, yet efficiently run, living environment.

Avocet Properties believes that every building’s needs are unique, so we customize our management programs to meet each property’s specific requirements. Some property owners require complete, full-service management, while others prefer to self-manage, but look for assistance with various support functions. As we begin our relationship, we will meet with you to discuss and understand your needs and then we will prepare a comprehensive plan specifying how Avocet Properties can meet your property management goals.